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Bella MacPherson’s Modelling Deal

August 30, 2009

Is Elle ‘The Body’ MacPherson’s Labradoodle becoming the face of a good or a bad thing for Labradoodles as a whole?

Now don’t get me wrong, Bella is a lovely looking dog. And if you can receive 10k for signing her up for a modelling contract you might ask why not?

I’ll tell you why not. It is generally accepted that those interested in ‘fashionable’ dog clothing are all about the image and not so much about dogs being dogs. (This is not always a fair assumption. Rory has his fair share of dog coats (mainly practical ones I may add), and I really want a dogside scarf [please don’t mock me]!) BUT Labradoodles are not suitable to be paraded around unless you are going to put in a huge amount of work first (a whole bundle of training, lots of walking on the day, bathing etc etc).

Labradoodles are all about dogs being dogs. What do I mean by this? I mean that they are always in the nearest bog, before you even know there is a bog, and they will without exception drag this bog into the house. They are big, bouncy, and need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation or they will be destructive. Contrary to popular belief, a large number of them shed their coats. That’s right. They shed. All over your carpet, and your sofa, and your clothes. They drink from the ornamental pond in your garden and then bring it in on their beards and dribble it all over your sundress you just ironed and put on. Looking at Bella MacPherson you would never know this. Unfortunately potential owners do not do their research thoroughly enough to discover this before choosing their puppy. Suggesting that Labradoodles are the perfect breed to wear dog clothing down your local high street is laughable at best. It is implied by using Bella in the campaign and although i’m sure Elle means no harm it is reckless.

Unscrupulous breeders are already taking advantage of the Labradoodle craze. More publicity can only lead to more people cashing in. These breeders are selling first and second generation (F1/F2) puppies as guaranteed non-shedding, hypoallergenic, perfect family pets. They are not health testing the parents which is leading to the passing on of hereditary hip and eye problems. They are even selling collie cross and standard poodle puppies AS Labradoodles, leading to families having to give up their beloved pets when they find they aggravate their allergies, or that they are too big and bouncy to control. The Labradoodle Trust rehomed over 40 dogs this year alone and this does not take into consideration those in their kennels and foster care awaiting homes! We still have three and a half months to go!

I love my dog. I just wish people bred and chose dogs like him for the right reasons. I love his enthusiasm and intelligence, as frustrating as it is at times. Maybe this is the opportunity to get someone in the public eye to educate  people as to the ‘real Labradoodles’. I say we get Elle and Bella down for a Labradoodle walk and get the press involved. Lets see how much mud we can get covered in. And I wouldn’t say no to a free dogside coat.

News articles and opinions on Bella’s moment in the spotlight:

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Beverley Cuddy (editor of Dogs Today)

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