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4 Reasons Why Pubs Should Allow Dogs

January 3, 2010

Why should dogs really be allowed in all pubs? And really i’m talking bar areas here, not pub restaurants, because not everyone wants a dribbling boxer hanging all over their food.

Dogs should be allowed in pubs because really such a rule is self policing.

Here are four reasons why:

1) If an owner is brave enough to take their dog to a pub they clearly believe that they will be well behaved, and they will not want to spend every second in the pub policing their pet. Therefore they will be less likely to take a badly behaved one etc, etc.

2) Noone wants to be embarrassed by being thrown out, and the landlord/ lady/ bar wench will be quite within their rights to do so if the dog is misbehaving.

3) Other pub dwellers will not tolerate bad behaviour that disturbs their pub experience, even if the owners/ bar staff are willing to let it slide.

4) Dogs benefit from being well socialised and, as with most things, the more time they spend doing something, the better they will be.

And this is why I fail to understand why well-behaved dogs are not allowed in pubs, particularly now they are not being forced (along with the rest of us) to breathe in cigarette smoke.

Image is Kia, Pub Dog at the Inn on the Green at Ockley nr. Dorking.

Related is this news story from 2008 about a Lakeland Terrier, banned from her local, and then allowed back in if she wore a high visibility vest. No really.

You can see some of my tried and tested dog friendly pubs in the links on the right.

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