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Things I Love About Rory (Blog 20 #oneaday)

February 6, 2010

labradoodle, dog, race, stick

Rory wants that particular 'stick'

Today I tweeted about how negative I am when people engage me in conversation about Labradoodles. The reason I do this is because I believe, as explained in the tweet, if the person talking to me understands the negatives of owning a Labradoodle they are more likely to make an informed choice (and thus be less likely to need to rehome a dog that is wrong for them). They are brilliant dogs, but they are not for everyone.

The popularity of the breed has sky rocketed and everyone I meet either wants a Labradoodle or knows someone who has a Labradoodle. Funnily enough I never meet people who know someone with a Labradoodle AND want one. Often they are described as ‘lovely, but hyper’ or ‘lovely, but nuts’. And still the most common comment is ‘Oh they don’t shed do they?’. Actually Rory does shed, a lot. (I once had a man drag his hand through Rory’s coat and show me he had no hairs after I told him about Rory’s shedding. Sorry whoever that was. Despite you doing that he still sheds. A lot.) If you want to know more of the negatives check out my ‘About Rory’ page.

So in the spirit of being balanced, and because I am suffering from guilt that I am doing my amazing dog wrong, here is a list of things I love about Rory:

1) He is enthusiastic, about everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Other dogs, people, walking, stopping, begging for food, going outside to wee, being bathed, bikes, people running (a little too enthusiastic about them in fact), chews, water, leads, toys, did I mention other dogs?

2) He is cuddly. Rory loves human company. He likes being scratched. He likes being in your lap (although he doesn’t really fit). He likes being hugged (although sometimes he pretends he doesn’t). He likes people. He wasn’t at all cuddly as a puppy though interestingly, just now.

3) He greets me after I have been upstairs for five minutes like i’ve been gone for eight years. It just makes me feel loved. That’s all.

4) When we walk, he’s with me. By that I mean he will greet other dogs, he will bark at runners *shameful face* and he will head off to chase rabbits, but he always comes back. He will always look for me. He will always end up coming tearing after me. If I try to pass him over to someone else mid-walk he is not having it. He is with me.

5) When you give him a treat or a toy he does a special bouncing dance around it. It is the most hilarious and cute thing ever. He will also take treats, drop them on the floor, and wait to see if this will make you give him more. This will continue until you run out, and then he will take them to somewhere more comfortable to eat them. I will have to try to get the dance on film, which brings me to point 6.

6) He knows when I am filming him or taking his photo. In fact, he is so tuned into the fact that I am a photo taking obsessive that he turns whenever he hears the camera click and runs at me, full tilt. It’s cute, if annoying.

7) People think he’s nuts. I like this because nuts is normal to me. Having Rory means life is never boring. I see people walking their sensible dogs, and they look at me in amusement. Today a woman walking her labrador took her headphones out to tell me my dog was nuts. She was smiling so it’s all ok.

8 ) He is independent and questions everything. ‘Sit? Why? What’s coming? What’s in it for me?’. It keeps me on my toes.

9) He never forgets anything. If he drops a ball somewhere, two months before, he will remember it’s there the next time. (I never remember).

10) The way he behaves for everyone, except me. I don’t mean he is the devil with me, because he is not. I mean that he will be the perfect dog for other people. He walks at heel off lead, cowers when they even sound like they might raise their voice  and sits, with this angelic look, when he knows he should sit. He doesn’t show me up in public, just drives me to distraction when we’re on our own. As I have said many times to people, at least I know I taught him the commands well, even if he chooses to ignore them for me.

Those are just some of the things I love about my dog. See, Labradoodles are not all bad news. Just please, do your research, and choose them for the bad, as well as the good.

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