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My Three Favourite Collars (23 #oneaday)

February 9, 2010
dog collar, dogs and co

Rory sports his Dogs&Co everyday collar

I love well made dog collars. There is something about them. It’s like getting that perfect bridle for your horse. The one that is a little bit special when you put it on and shows off all your horse’s best features. Or to put it in non-horsey terms, it’s like that dress that clings in all the right places and drapes in the others. Anyway, however you choose to explain it, a well made collar is really one of my favourite things.

Rory has an extensive collar collection (but shh don’t tell anyone). I’ve been looking at them, and I have narrowed them down to my top three. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to take his photo in the collar that I have placed in the number one spot. It will follow once I have daylight, I promise.

Coming in at number three is a lovely red Hamish MacBeth collar (pictured below). Their collars are reasonably well made, very pretty and come in various designs, including what can only be described as doggy neck facinators. Head on over to their website to see what I mean. There are also matching leads available for most collars. Unfortunately the site does not accept Maestro cards so I ordered instead through a UK online supplier, Just Dogs. Delivery was super quick and Rory even got a free treat! A word of caution, these collars may not be suitable for very strong pullers. Rory has not broken his, but then it has only really been used off lead and i’m not convinced it would not break under extreme pressure. I paid approximately 25 british pounds for the collar in the sale, and about 15 pounds for the matching lead, if memory serves me correctly. Definitely a worthwhile buy.

rory, dog collar, hamish macbeth, labradoodle

Hamish MacBeth modelled by Rory

In second is the Dogs&Co leather collar (pictured above). This is Rory’s ‘everyday’ collar, and as such it has taken a beating. Mud, rain, snow, bog, river, lake, sea and fox poo have all been taken in it’s stride. It even survived the very strong disinfectant I threw it in after a particularly sticky, disgusting, rolling-in-faeces incident. It really has lasted without any real ill effects; it hasn’t even stretched that much (amazing for a leather collar). It has a pattern pressed into the centre, a manly one I add, which adds interest. I paid approximately 17 pounds for it at Badminton Horse Trials last year.

Number one in the collar race is Holly&Lil. Rory owns two of these collars, one in lime green cowhide (as seen in the photo below) and one in blue Harris Tweed. They are impeccably handmade, and are strong; strong enough to handle even the biggest dog. I had a couple of questions and issues when ordering sale items online but they were dealt with so well and easily that I bearly felt I had problems at all. Nothing was too much trouble. They are pretty and draw attention wherever we go. The owners of the ‘Sunshine’ (pictured below) are quoted on the Holly&Lil site as saying:

holly and lil, sunshine, visla, dog

Sunshine gorgeous in her Lime & British Racing Green

“This collar has been worn every day since Christmas and has been through fields, forests and rivers. Without ascratch on it or a (pony) hair out of place. Now, that’s what I call quality…… ”

I certainly love mine. I purchased both of Rory’s Holly&Lil collars for approximately 50 pounds from the sale section of the Holly&Lil website. Both have a recommended retail price of nearer 100.

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  1. February 10, 2010 11:52 pm

    I can’t help feeling my dog is missing out by just having the one (old and tatty) collar. She is clearly the uncool dog in the playground!

    • sorayaleila permalink*
      February 12, 2010 10:22 am

      😉 That’s ok because my dog is clearly the bullied one for being ‘too fashionable’ x

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