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A Scene (Blog 38 #oneaday)

March 1, 2010

<Open scene. Rory ( scruffy dog) and Me (scruffy human girl) enter stage left. Girl lies on sofa. Dog lies on floor. Five minutes elapse. Dog gets up.>

Rory: Woof.

Me: Eh?

Rory: Woof woof.

Me: What?

Rory: WOOF.

Me: I can’t understand you. You’re talking ‘dog’.

Rory: Oh yeah, sorry. Can I go out in the garden please?

Me: Yes of course you can, but remember to ask properly next time.

<Me fumbles with keys and opens door to the garden>

Rory: *cloud of doggy dust*

Me: *sigh* Teenagers. So ungrateful.

<Me (human) returns to the sofa. Barking is heard in the distance. Me responds by yelling instructions in the direction of the door. Lights dim out. End scene.>

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