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Billy No Mates Supplement (40 #oneaday)

March 4, 2010
supplement, canine nutrition

Billy No Mates Supplement

I am trying out this new supplement with Rory. It’s called Billy No Mates and hopefully will help Rory repel fleas and ticks. I am mostly worried about ticks. They really are gross and Rory attracts them like bees to honey. All I can say is his blood must taste ggoooooooddd.

Billy No Mates is a natural supplement made from ingredients including mint and neem leaves. It is recommended that you begin giving it around Easter time to ensure there is enough in your dog’s system for it to be an effective repellent.

It was recommended to me by Claire from the Haslemere Pet Co (you can find her on Twitter here), apparently neither Patch or James (her dogs) picked up a single tick all spring/summer tick season. Such musical words to my ears. Rory is now in the regime.

Minor problem with this preemptive plan; he hates the taste of it. He eats around it. I spread it more evenly. He then just leaves his food entirely. I think this is weird, particularly as he loves the Plaque Off stuff. They both have seaweed in. What is his problem?

Anyway I am continuing to force him offer him food with the Billy No Mates added. If you think that’s mean, you have clearly under estimated my hate of ticks. (I really hate them.) We will persevere and we will win the fight against them, and I will never have to pick off one of their wriggling, bulbous bodies again. *fingers crossed*

You can buy Billy No Mates from @HaslemerePetCo for approximately 13 pounds, and online here for 12 pounds.

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  1. March 4, 2010 11:16 pm

    Perhaps I am lucky, but my dog doesn’t seem too susceptible to ticks. On the rare occasions she has them, I just use one of those (caution – technical term coming up) “twisty tick remover things” to get them off.

    I bought them (I have two different sized ones) after my ex-wife’s dog got attacked (there was literally a black mass heading towards him) and ended up with 13 ticks (he’s a little border terrier).

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