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Quistel Shampoo (41 #oneaday)

March 8, 2010
dog, canine, shampoo

Quistel Shampoo

Rory needs regular washing. If he doesn’t get a regular dunking then he itches, he gets spots, the yeast in his ears gets worse and he smells. A whole lot. He is also a mud wallower, having come from two working, water retrieving breeds. If there is a puddle and mud to be had, he will have found it, splashed around it, and be covered head to paw in it.

I had been using tea tree shampoos to try to keep him clean and happy. This was working fine, but in some ways the shampoo was just not strong enough. I’d often end up using a whole bottle for one washing session. Then I tried Quistel and it was like magic. Not only is Rory shiny and fluffy, but he has stopped itching and his ears have been better.

Quistel is a biologically appropriate product able to ‘enhance the natural rejuvenating abilities of skin, coat and mane’. I’m not even sure what that means on a greater scale, other than new cells being formed. But Rory is shiny, clean, and happy, so does anything else matter?

Well value for money does, I suppose. But it’s ok because the bottles seem to last forever. My small tester bottle lasted me four washes, FOUR. This is unheard of in the life of Rory. I was amazed. I definitely got my £2’s worth.

The product range also includes conditioner, a conditioning spray, an oral supplement and ear cleaning fluid. I can vouch for none of these, but if the shampoo is anything to go by they will be good stuff.

It was recommended to me, again, by my favourite pet shop the Haslemere Pet Company. They really do know what they are talking about.

You can buy Quistel from the Haslemere Pet Company for £8.99 (or a sample size bottle for £2), or you can buy some nice special offer sets on the official Quistel website.

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