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Crufts (46 #oneaday)

March 16, 2010

I battled with myself over watching Crufts. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Was it moral to support something that was the pinnacle of inbreeding and accentuating features that meant Pekes couldn’t breathe, and Boxers and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels had epilepsy? Was it?

Originally I was shocked that the viewing had been taken over by channel four. How dare they bypass the BBC who had done the right thing by refusing to broadcast the show? Then I realised. I wanted to watch it. A whole lot. I was excited it was on and I would get to see all the different types of dogs, on screen. (I really do love dogs.) And then I knew why they had gone against the negative public opinion… because even those of us who were horrified by the issues raised by programmes such as Pedigree Dogs Exposed would still tune in. Even if it was just to see what the Kennel Club were doing to appear like they were taking action to remedy the breeding problems.

The sad truth is, that even if we think it is wrong we will be watching. A whole load of judgmental people must have been watching to be able to complain about the controversial, but not so controversial GSD winner. Whether it’s because we want to see the positive progress, or watch the fall, that i’m not sure of. But, we did tune in, and we will next year, because dog lovers are dog lovers and they want to see what happens.

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