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Doggie sicky (48 #oneaday)

March 18, 2010

Rory pulled a sicky today. If he was a kid he’d be off school and milking it. About lunchtime we were out walking and he started coughing. Now i’d be thinking no big deal, but this other dog at work has been coughing too, so i’m a little concerned. But it wasn’t ‘kennel cough’ coughing. Oh no, this was a ‘I have a mini dog stuck in my throat’ coughing, which continued for about half of the walk. Then he really coughed and threw up some flemmy disgustingness. (I love my dog.)

The coughing pretty much stopped then. I started to relax a little more. Got back to the car, had him jump in, changed my shoes, looked back in the crate. He was breathing really heavily, and about three breathes at once, not a regular rise and fall like it should be. I watch for a while. Panic. Call the vet, make an appointment for this evening. Vet receptionist makes me panic more by telling me that it sounds serious and don’t I want to bring him now. I respond with a stony silence.

Fastforward a few hours. I’m at home, standing by my backdoor watching my dog intently. It’s a hard task BECAUSE HE’S RUNNING AROUND LIKE A MENTAL DOG. Clearly he has recovered from his ‘fake sick’ moment. There is no coughing or wretching, no heavy breathing despite the mad rushing about.  I’m sure he was putting it on.

I call the vet, cancel my vet appointment, hang up.

The dog looks at me… and coughs…

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