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Timing (69)

May 3, 2010

No, this blog post is not about training. Although timing is of course a key part of that. And no, it is not about being late, although I am quite often late by a few minutes. Don’t take offence if I ever do it to you.

It is instead about Rory’s timing. When I was about to go away on holiday, the morning I was flying out, he got ill. Very, very ill in fact, all over my house. It came from both ends, all over my carpet in my front room and all over the kitchen. The house stank, I hadn’t packed and was due to be leaving him in just a few hours. It is the only time since he was a puppy that he has ever had an accident in the house, and only the second time he has been sick. Horrible, horrible timing. I could smell it from upstairs in the shower. It is worth noting that I had already been downstairs and let him out in the garden, let him do what he needed and let him back in. *sigh* But like most dog owners would be in this situation, I wasn’t mad. You can’t be when they are ill can you? When I got downstairs wrapped in my towel he had squeezed himself into the tiniest space by the sofa, with his head on his paws, looking so sad, and refused to move. He stayed there while I did a botched job of clearing up. I had to take a trip out before I came home from holiday to pick up some de-odoriser. It turns out this was really just a warm-up.

On Saturday, we were on our way back from a fairly new walk that took us about an hour and a half, when Rory stopped dead. His face disappeared into the grass. I failed to notice until I was a fair distance ahead. When I turned around I was sure he was eating something he shouldn’t be. I started yelling “LEAVE IT” across the field. He ignored me, the cricketers on the other side of the fence looked in my direction. “Will you LEAVE IT!’ I started striding in his direction… Rory started hobbling in mine. I was about twenty feet away and I could see the blood trail he was leaving in his wake. This. Was. Not. Good. Luckily we were only about a two minute walk from home, as there is no way in hell I could carry him any distance. I’ve had enough problems carrying him to and in to the car since.

We got home fairly quickly, albeit via a cricketer who wanted to tell me Rory was “a nice looking dog”. Blood everywhere. I put my canine first aid into action. I attended an Animal Aiders course only a couple of weeks ago. Could not see the wound, as Rory would not keep still, so washed out the whole pad with saline and then bandaged it. Left it for two hours, while Rory sulked in his bed. When I took it off the bleeding had stopped, but he was still non-weight bearing. Time to go the vet.

Except he’d chosen the bank holiday to hurt himself. So the vet was only open between 5-6 and, of course, additional charges applied. Carried Rory to, and then from, the car. Waiting room, blood all over clinic floor once new bandage I’d put on for travelling was taken off. (Vet was impressed i’d got it on at all.) After some difficulty it was accessed he has a puncture wound, which you could not tell if it still had anything in it. If he has not improved by tomorrow then he might need surgery. (He is looking improved thank goodness.) Antibiotic injection, painkiller injection, antibiotic tablets to take home, painkillers to take home, elizabethan plastic collar I haven’t used, vet done bandage. Thanks very much, that will be £150 please.

So, apart from the Bank Holiday fees, was there anything else bad about Rory’s timing you might be asking? Well yes. Yesterday (Sunday) me and Rory were supposed to be striding around the cross-country course at Badminton Horse Trials. Anything else? Well yes, we were meant to be attending our first Rally workshop today. That must be it? Well unfortunately no. Thursday is our first agility class.

Bloody dog.

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