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Rory is awesome (75)

May 25, 2010

Yeah, ok, i’ll admit it, most people think their dog is the most awesome. It works the same way as everyone thinking that their friends are the best friends, that their way is the best way and that they are never wrong. I digress…

Rory is awesome, and here is why:

1) He never judges. Even when I am a mess, and wound up, and annoyed or crying. He doesn’t care. He just waits until I’m ok again and then checks to see if I want to play. Which brings me to point 2.

2) He never buys into my bullsh*t. If i’m having a hysterical breakdown, he will completely ignore me. No solid, supporting dog here. Oh no, he isn’t having any of it. He wants me to get over it and play with him.

3) He comes everywhere with me and never complains. This is just because he is awesome.

4) He makes me feel special because he stresses when I leave him, even if I leave him with someone he knows. Proper whining, crying. But only when he can still see me, randomly.

5) He has great hair. Enough said.

5) He makes me get out and do things. He is that kind of dog. You have to do things or he is bored.

6) He is a genius. After three lessons of agility we moved up – the course should be fifteen weeks. He remembers things I don’t. He can remember where he left a ball three months before. He is too clever, but that is a good thing.

7) He bounces everywhere. Kind of like tigger. It’s cute and it makes me laugh.

And he likes odd numbers, which is why i’m ending on seven. How do I know? Well I just do.

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